How to Decorate Your Charlotte NC Apartment

Many people believe that all apartments end up looking alike. White walls and neutral carpeting can make most apartments have a generic look. The only way to make your Charlotte NC apartment look unique is with your furniture and home decor.

While you cannot do much to the walls and floors of your apartment, that does not mean that you need to leave them bare. In fact, with a little creativity, you can add some color to your apartment before you put any furniture in your rooms.


Many apartments come with standard blinds on the windows. These do not add to the aesthetic appeal of your home. Drapery or curtains are a great way to add color to your room.

You can match the color of the drapery to the overall color theme of your furniture or find something to bring out the colors in the other pieces in your room.

If you do not believe your blinds provide enough privacy, then you should look for heavy or room-darkening drapery. Otherwise, you can look for draperies of various weights and opacity. This will give you lots of options when it comes to finding drapery to fit your design plan.


While many apartments have carpet in the living areas, that does not mean you cannot add color to your floor with a rug. You can place a small rug in front of your couch, or next to your bed. This can give an added pop of color to your apartments.

A colorful runner in your hallways can help brighten, what might be a rather drab space. A bright mat in front of your sink can help with foot fatigue and add some color to the kitchen.


One of the best ways to decorate your home is by putting artwork on the wall. You do not have to limit yourself to small paintings. You can find paintings of all sizes at local stores and online. If you want to add lots of color to your living room, why not hang large art panels behind your couch.

Artwork can be placed in all of your rooms. You can place a small print in the kitchen and bathroom, or an art panel in the hallway. This can add needed color to your white walls.


These are just a few ways to decorate your Charlotte NC apartment. If you cannot find any of these items in the colors or designs you like, in your local area, try looking online.