Charlotte NC Is A Great Place To Relocate Your Business

Charlotte NC is a great place to relocate your business if your current base of operations is proving either too expensive, too far away, or you can’t attract enough talented professionals to maintain your operations. The “Queen City” is possibly the second-largest hub for financial services and banking within the nation, after New York City, but many other industries are well-represented here.

Many businesses have already relocated their headquarters or at least some of their operations here over the last several decades as the city has boomed. The abundance of undeveloped land in the region lead to a building frenzy, and while there’s not much soil left undisturbed in Mecklenburg County, real estate values for commercial properties or rents for businesses are nowhere near what they are like in other cities and states. A relatively friendly corporate environment in the state of North Carolina also helps.

Cheap costs of living contrasted with high quality of life makes employees very happy to be here, where homes, transportation, and groceries and eating out are very affordable. Combine that with long springs and falls, with mild winters being warm enough for February golfing, and it’s easy to see why individuals love living here, so many businesses that have moved had their employees willingly follow. Their pay rates or salaries simply stretch a lot further here.

Southern charm and culture appeal to many, and while the city of Charlotte NC struggles to shed its ‘small town’ status, it is anything but. The city features urban conveniences ranging from Chinese delivery to light rail services through certain neighborhoods. Sports fans can enjoy major league action of the NBA and NFL, and baseball, soccer, and hockey all have minor league presence here too.

A regional amusement park, Carowinds, sits to one corner of the city, and the National Whitewater Center in another. Premium shopping destinations include SouthPark and Concord Mills malls. Hiking is available not too far away at Crowder’s Mountain, and the Appalachians and Atlantic Coast are both only hours away.

Business connections abound here, with two major interstates running through the city, as well as one of the busiest airports in the country. Via road connections, over half of the nation’s population is within 14 hours of this city, making it an ideal place for shipping out deliveries and products. Shutterfly is one company that only has two national hubs, with Charlotte being one of them.