Charlotte NC Has A Growing Number Of Professional Sports Action Choices To Enjoy

Charlotte NC has a growing number of professional sports action choices to enjoy. These athletic events are great choices for entertainment if you live or work in the area, or are just something to check out if you happen to be visiting the area. The region is famously known for NASCAR, and while this happens primarily in the suburb of Concord, that city borders Charlotte so closely it is often hard to know where one ends and the other begins. The NASCAR Hall of Fame is also in downtown Charlotte and a tourist attraction.

The flagship sports franchise in town is without a doubt the Carolina Panthers of the NFL. This team started here as an expansion team shortly before the turn of the century, and already has two Super Bowl visits in its history. The team has season ticket holders and a fan base that spans both North and South Carolina, as it played its first season at Clemson University. Superstars like Cam Newton and Luke Keuchly lead this team on the field.

The other major league franchise in the city of Charlotte NC is the NBA’s Charlotte Hornets. This team has a history in the area dating back to the late 1980s, and many credit its early success with helping convince the NFL to bring a team here as well. The original team eventually left for new ownership and a new city in New Orleans, and Charlotte was quickly rewarded with the Bobcats franchise. However, the owner of the New Orleans Pelicans changed his team to a more localized name, freeing up the Hornets name, and an agreement was made where the Charlotte franchise could have back the name, brand, and any historical records that happened while the original team was in Charlotte. The Hornets play in the Spectrum Center uptown.

Two minor league teams also play in Charlotte, each with local history longer than either the Panthers or Hornets. Minor league baseball action happens uptown with the Charlotte Knights, and minor league hockey action happens on the ice with the Charlotte Checkers. There is also a minor league soccer team, and at the time of writing, a group of owners was trying to land a major league soccer franchise in the city as well.

The University of North Carolina Charlotte, also known as UNCC, is a source of collegiate-level sports action.